AI Suite for Semiconductor Sector

A Key Industry Like No Other

Characteristics of Semiconductor Market Seqment

Long Manufacturing Cycles
Long and Costly Product Development

The time period from “Wafer Starts” to having packaged and tested products can be as long as six months and is rarely as low as three months.  Inventory management is of utmost importance for any semiconductor vendor

The development and poductization of a device can take as long as three years and cost tens of millions of Dollars.  Vendors have much to gain from planning a well-differentiated and competitive product and assure its first time functionality of the product

Customers Need Intense Technical Support
Long Board Design Time

The complexity and variations of chip-level products are on the rise.  Customers typically need significant technical assistance to be successful in their projects

Once a part is selected, board design and validation phase can take one year or more.  This is particularly true when the design involves software and driver development 

Machine Learning Tools Can Help

 Demand Forecasting
 Anomaly Detection
 Offering “Tailored Help”
 Monitoring Competitors

Ability to accurately forecast product demand (billings) is of utmost importance for chip companies.  Overbuilding is expensive and wasteful.  Not building enough would impair the ability to meet shipment schedules

Deep Learning-based anomaly detectors have proven to be effective in detecting unusual variations in key operational metrics (e.g., bookings, billings) helping vendors to react quickly to pending trends

Assisting customers to pick right products and successfully complete designs is of paramount importance.  Intelligent chatbots in combination with “Recommendation”, and “Personalization” engines can truly enhance the customer experience

The ability to monitor competitors can help vendors to react quickly to unusual shifts in competitive landscape.  Deep Learning-based anomaly detection techniques have been remarkable when it comes to detecting “out of ordinary” events