Document Processing


Traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can merely extract words from documents. Deep Learning-based object detection technology makes it possible to capture context, fields, and relationships from scanned documents

We can develop a fully automated document processing workflow able to process thousands of documents per hour and convert the extractions to a searchable format

  • Extract textual fields from unstructured text, forms, and tables and convert them to searchable structured data
  • Identify selected fields in a document and use them as search indexes
  • Full support for “Human in the Loop” validation

Automate the extraction of various fields and corresponding values. Eliminate the manual data entry errors

Sift through resumes and identify candidates with certain skills, seniority, or experience

Search thousands of court cases presided by a certain judge leading to conviction

Identify occurrences of certain terms used in captions of diagrams in documents

Change the text in selected fields of documents in a mass scale