Is your competition gaining ground by leveraging Artificial Intelligence? Adopting AI is no longer an option, it is a mandate. We can assist you in this endeavor Forming an AI team is a costly and lengthy proposition We can launch your AI initiative while you are building your internal team Are you extracting insights from documents, textual, and vocal assets? Deep Learning has proven to be extremely effective in extracting insights from all media modalities including documents, voice, correspondence text, and graphics. The best first step in AI adoption is “Rapid Prototyping” Much can be learned by developing a “Proof of Concept” in any AI undertaking. Quickly assess the expected outcomes and identify potential pitfalls. We can help.
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What is Cogneefy?

We are a machine learning system integration organization specializing in implementation of fully automated document, language, and conversational voice processing workflows.

Recent Projects
Heterogeneous Doc. Processing
Document Field Extraction
Jacob Devlin et.al. @ Google AI Language
Enhanced BERT Pre-training
Customer Churn Prediction